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Your own Tube Website

It is an open source solution that is freely available to everyone. With YouPHPTube you can create your own video sharing site and we will allows you to start your own Live Video Streaming Business. We will use NGINX to convert Live Stream into HLS format, making it HTML5/mobile compatible. YouPHPTube will help you download and encode videos from other sites like Youtube, Vimeo, etc. and you can share directly on your website. In addition, you can use Facebook or Google login to register users on your site.
Download it now, we will help you to make money, you are only limited by your imaginations Enable Google AdSense and starts to make some money with your video sharing site


Main Page

Gallery Mode

Facebook Mode

Video Encoder

Live Stream Videos

Main Page and Menu

Make Money With your Video Sharing Site

Login with Facebook and Google

Import Videos from Others Video Sites

Auto Encode Videos and Audios

Make Private Videos

Online Demo

Important Information

You will need an admin password to upload and manage videos, it is by default.

user: admin and pass: 123.

Also there is a non admin user and password (Only for comments)

user: test and pass: test.

Also, to upload videos and comments, you can use yours credentials from:

Facebook or Google

I hope you dont change the users and passwords, but anyway I will reset it later in case you do.

You can upload as many videos as you want, but everyday I refresh the server, I delete all videos and database and put a new one.

Wow! Are you ready to download it?

YouPHPTube have few requiriments

Linux (For Encoder and Live Streamer)

PHP 5.3+

MySQL 5.0+

Apache web server 2.x (with mod_rewrite enabled)

Remember it is free.

We are striving to give you better,

Let us install and configure your own YouPHPTube Stream Server for you, so you can focus on your business.

We quickly get your server up and running, ready for Live Streaming.
Services Page

What about if we host YouPHPTube for you?

We have a free plan that you will have your YouPHPTube on the World Wide Web with out spending any money

Be a part of Easy Tube Club Watch this video tutorial


  • Front End

    • Bootstrap

      • Flag Icons
      • Fonts Awesome
      • Bootpag
      • Bootgrid
      • BootstrapSelectPicker
    • Jquery

      • SweetAlert
      • VideoJs
      • Mini-upload-form
  • Back End

    • Linux

      • Apache
      • NGINX
        • RTMP
        • HSL HTML5 Live Streaming
      • PHP
        • PHP-Mailer
        • HybridAuth
      • Mysql
      • FFMPEG
      • Youtube-dl


  • Intuitive Features

    Almost all functionality is found in the main menu, so we hope to make life easier for users and administrators

  • Seo Optimised Website

    We use the latest HTML 5 and Crossbrowser scripts, to power up your site.

    Need not worry about doing seo for your app, it’s done already for you.

  • Like Youtube Design

    We are trying to make the layout as similar as possible with youtube, with very few differences, we just can call YouPHPTube a YouTube Clone Script.

  • Import Videos Direct to YouPHPTube

    Import your video from other video sites. We currently support major sites like Youtube, Vimeo, Dailimotion, MySpace, Flickr, Metacafe, Break.com, Liveleak.com and more

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